Assessments & Analysis

Biomechanical Running Analysis

This includes a Running Video Analysis along with a Functional Movement Analysis to identify your incorrect running patterns, movement dysfunctions and imbalances. From the Analysis we can then see your individual areas that we need to change to improve and correct your running technique. Improving technique using correct running biomechanics will not only make you a more efficient and then faster runner, but also greatly reduce the risk of injury by running correctly when you run. From here take our five session technique coaching package to make the change!


DMS Movement Analysis

This involves both a Functional Movement Analysis to identify incorrect movement patterns and dysfunctions along with a Dynamic Movement Skills Analysis to assess dynamic balance, motor skills, reaction time, co-ordination and balance. A fantastic benchmark to work from to improve children’s movement, improve speed and plyometrics for sports performance and for rehabilitation. From her move on to our Movement Training packages and sessions to achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be!


Walking Analysis

Following the same format as the Running Analysis, but just without the running! This will include a walking video analysis and a functional movement analysis to see and analyse how you walk and move. From the findings we can then identify your weakness, imbalances and incorrect movement patterns and use these findings as a base to work on improving these areas. From here you can then move on to our Walking packages and sessions to correct these areas and improve your walking mechanics and general movement.


Rehabilitation Assessment

If you are currently injured or recovering from an injury we advise that you have a Rehabilitation Assessment first prior to participating in any of our sessions so we can assess the severity of the injury or issue and plan which route is the best for you. We can then decide which sessions are best for you at the present time, and which sessions and packages to choose to help you back to full recovery and on your way to achieving your running and movement goals.

Pain alters the signals sent out to the body to tell it to move. And so moving when injured and in pain causes compensations and imbalances leading to incorrect movement patterns and further injury. We’d like everyone attending our sessions to be pain free so they can move correctly, but if this is not the case for you at the moment, we can help you on your road to recovery. Everyone is an individual, and all injuries are individual to you. Which is why Rehabilitation Assessment is the best way of making sure we make the best plan for you!

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