With Running Technique, Movement and Rehabilitation Specialist Nicky Green.

Certified by Mike Antoniades at The Running School London.

About The Studio

A fresh and vibrant Running and Movement Studio based in Chapel Allerton Leeds, offering a variety of unique and specialised Running and Movement enhancement sessions. We are open to everyone and anyone of any age or ability that wants to improve their overall quality of movement in running, walking, all sports and activities and to feel and move better in life!


Running Coaching

We follow a unique methodology created by The Running School in London, along with a variety of different techniques from other specialised movement and training schools to improve your running technique, speed and performance.

A high percentage of injuries occur as a result of poor running biomechanics and so by changing this you greatly decrease your risk of injury. You’ll become a more fluid and efficient runner using less energy when you run. Running will begin to feel easier and your times become faster as your technique improves and you progress to speed throughout your sessions. Start to build the foundation and the speed will come!

Our sessions for both Adults and Children include:

  • Biomechanical Running Analysis
  • Running Technique Coaching
  • Speed and Performance Coaching
  • Run specific Strength and Activation Exercises
  • Run specific Mobility and Stretch exercises
  • Run specific Dynamic Movement Skills exercises
  • Run Technique specific homework exercises
  • Personalised Running Programmes for all distances and goals
The Running and Movement Studio Leeds
The Warm Up/Waiting Area


Dynamic Movement Skills Coaching

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is a unique training method developed by The Running School that primarily stimulates the neural system with significant changes in motor skills and movement patterns in as little as six weeks.

The DMS methodology helps refine and develop neuromuscular efficiency by changing core motor patterns so that movement becomes quicker and more efficient. This improves speed, reaction time, coordination, explosiveness and dynamic balance to enhance movement and performance for athletes in all Sports.

Modern age, technology and computer games means adults sit down for longer and children play less physical games outside than they used to. A child’s motor skill development slows down if they don’t run and jump, throw and catch, to stimulate their Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems to develop motor control.

The Dynamic Movement Skills System is a method that we use in all our sessions to improve both children’s motor skills and adults functional movement.

Our sessions for both Adults and Children include:

  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Dynamic Movement Skills Analysis
  • Dynamic Movement Skills Coaching
  • Speed and Performance Coaching
  • Specific Run/Sports Strength and Activation exercises
  • Specific Run/Sports Mobility and Stretch exercises
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness sessions
The Running and Movement Studio Leeds
The Main Studio


Rehabilitation and Movement Re-Patterning

After injury or surgery the body’s movement patterns are interrupted and it will compensate to try and keep moving and assist with recovery. It is essential to follow a structured Rehabilitation programme to correct these movement patterns so you can successfully return to your everyday movement, running and sport.

We follow the The Running School’s DMS Rehabilitation system to restore neuromuscular coordination and control, strength and mobility, to bring you back to full fitness and improve your range of motion.

We use our specialised Rehabilitation method to treat the following issues:

  • Neurological Issues such as Parkinson’s and MS
  • Recovering Stroke patients
  • Children with Movement Dysfunctions, Dyspraxia and Autism
  • Sports Injuries
  • General injuries
  • Postural issues
  • Movement issues
  • Seniors with Balance and Stability issues

Our sessions for both Adults and Children include:

  • Rehabilitation Analysis
  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • DMS Upper Body Analysis
  • Specific Rehabilitation exercises and programming
  • Specific Re-patterning exercises and programming
  • Individual Postural correction exercises
  • Movement and Falls Prevention for Seniors


Walking Re-Education

Walking is an amazing movement and one of the most natural things we do in life! It is the first stage in Rehabilitation for rebuilding the whole kinetic chain.

Walking 30 minutes per day, six times per week reduces the chances of getting Dementia and Breast Cancer by 50%, Alzheimers by 60% and Stroke by 57%.

Walking with correct technique activates the glutes and core and stimulates good hip extension and natural thoracic movement beneficial for running. Walking coaching also improves balance and control and creates good posture by using cross lateral movements and promoting natural walking motion. The way we should all really walk!

Our sessions and packages include:

  • Walking Analysis
  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Walking Re-education coaching
  • Walking Re-education for Seniors
  • Specific Strength and Activation exercises
  • Specific Mobility and Stretch exercises
  • Walking programmes
  • Walk to Run programmes


Let’s get started! See you at the Studio!

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