With Running Technique and Movement Specialist Nicky Green. Certified by Mike Antoniades at The Running School London.

About The Studio

A fresh and vibrant Running and Movement Studio based in Chapel Allerton Leeds, offering a variety of unique and specialised Running and Movement enhancement sessions. We are open to everyone and anyone of any age or ability that wants to improve their overall quality of movement in running, walking, all sports and activities and to feel and move better in life!



We follow a unique methodology created by The Running School in London, along with a variety of different techniques from various movement and training schools to improve your running technique and performance, and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

This includes both a Running Video Analysis and Functional Movement Analysis. Individual Running and Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) sessions at the Studio, along with actual Running Technique and specific homework exercises to practice on your own.

A high percentage of injuries occur as a result of incorrect running biomechanics and so by changing this you greatly decrease your risk of injury. You’ll become a more fluid efficient runner, with everything moving in synchronicity, and with less effort when you run. Running will start to feel easier and your times become faster as your technique changes throughout your sessions. Start to build the foundation and the speed will come!

The Running and Movement Studio Leeds
The Warm Up/Waiting Area



We all need to move! In whatever shape or form. And we all want to move! Be it training for a Marathon, walking in the park, playing with the kids, children doing their sports and activities, playing team sports… The list goes on!

Modern age, technology and computer games means children play less physical games outside than they used to which help develop their motor control. A child’s motor skill development slows down if they don’t skip, play, jump, run, throw and catch to stimulate their Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems to develop motor control.

The Dynamic Movement Skills System (The Running School, London) is a method that we use in all our sessions that includes all of the above movements and more to improve children’s motor skills and functional movement.

DMS also improves neuromuscular efficiency, reaction time, quickness and explosiveness to enhance performance and movement for athletes in all Sports and activities.

It also re-educates movement patterns interrupted by injury and surgery by creating new patterns and improving motor control and so serves as a fantastic tool for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.

The Running and Movement Studio Leeds
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Walking is an amazing movement and one of the most natural things we do in life!

Walking training can benefit a wide range of people in many different ways! It could be your first step to recovery in Rehabilitation by learning to move correctly again. It is a really beneficial training method for Elders too. Reactivating and strengthening muscles to improve their balance and stability and give them more confidence when they walk.

It is also a great way for beginners to build up to running safely. By learning how to walk with correct biomechanics before progressing on to running with correct biomechanics.

Maybe you just love to walk! Walking, trekking, rambling in the Yorkshire Dales and want to feel more agile and strong when you’re out on the trails. Whatever the reason. Walking training is the perfect way to start learning how to move properly, using correct technique and with fluid and efficient movement.

There is no better feeling than when you’re flying when you run! Walking and moving with ease and no pain. Climbing those steps with agility and strength. Turning, shooting, jumping and scoring those goals with fluidity and speed!

All of our sessions at the Running Studio are tailored to help you achieve exactly that. Just take a look and choose which sessions are most relative to you and we will tailor a pathway that suits you best, and kick start you on your way to achieving your own individual targets and goals! Whatever they may be!

Children from six years old and adults of any age are more than welcome to the Studio! Anyone of any age that loves to run, move and walk – and wants to do it even better!

Lets get started! See you at the Studio!

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