Specific Sessions

As Runners we just want to run! And as Sportspeople we just want to play! But it is essential that we do our maintenance work for our bodies as part of our overall programme to prevent tightness and restrictions that create muscle imbalances, movement dysfunction and injury. We need to do regular mobility, stretching, activation and strength exercises and warm up and cool down properly around our running sessions.

If you feel you need to spend a little more time working on these specific areas or would benefit from 1:1 sessions with personal instruction, all of these essentials are included in our sessions listed below.


Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS)

A superb and fun system to improve gross motor skills, dynamic balance, coordination, speed and agility. DMS also re-educates interrupted and faulty movement patterns caused by injury or trauma and stimulates the CNS for quicker reactions and better quality of movement. Perfect for anyone that wants to move better at any age, sport or activity.


Mobility and Stretch Sessions

Muscle tightness restricts movement around a joint creating imbalance, dysfunction and incorrect movement patterns. Overtime when we run this then leads on to injury, poor performance and an inefficient running technique. Mobility exercises release muscle tightness and restore range of motion throughout our joints creating a more fluid movement and helping prevent injury and pain.


Strength and Activation Sessions

Strength exercises are great exercises as long as they are performed with correct technique and in the correct firing sequence – the right muscles doing the right job at the right time! This is quite often not the case.

Most people are weak in there stabilising muscles and therefore compensate by using other muscles subconsciously to perform the exercise resulting in further imbalances throughout the chain. This then leads to a knock on effect or cycle of incorrect movement patterns and injury.

We use a variety of different techniques to activate stabilising muscles along with strengthening global muscles that are more specific to the biomechanics of running.


Combo Sessions

If you feel that you need a little bit of everything for all round maintenance. Our Combo sessions include a mixture of all the sessions to ensure everything is covered to keep you on track in your running!


Outside Sessions

All of the sessions above can take place in Parks surrounding the Studio including Roundhay Park, Potternewton Park and Gledhow Valley Woods.


Club/Team/Commercial Sessions

We can hold specific private sessions at the Studio for your Running or Triathlon Club, Sports Teams or Commercial Businesses. Some sessions can also be mobile and held at your Club too!



A variety of different Running and Movement Workshops to enhance your running performance and movement held at the Studio or at your Fitness Centre, Health Club, Team Club House or Workplace.

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