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Running Technique Coaching

Our Running Technique Package includes five individual coaching sessions at the studio, along with a structured and in-depth exercise homework programme for you to practice three to four times per week on your own. This involves a variety of different mobility, strength, and activation exercises along with actual running technique training.

Your last session will include a second running analysis to see the difference and improvements made from your first session. We can change and improve your running technique in five sessions, but ten session packages are available if you feel you would like to spend more time in achieving your results or combine with any of our other sessions too.

Single sessions are also available but it is necessary to complete the five session package first to ensure the method works. It takes 10,000 repetitions to create a new movement pattern, and for it to become an unconscious movement, which is why we need the five sessions and your hours of practice for your running technique to start to permanently change.


Speed and Performance Coaching

Once you have completed your Running Technique package you then have the option to progress your running even more by joining our Speed and Performance sessions. These sessions can be used in many ways, and all individual to you, to help you achieve your own personal running times, targets and goals!

Your running technique will have already improved and you will have become a more smooth efficient runner, and so you can now start to add speed training to your sessions. These sessions ensure that you can still hold your new improved technique whilst adding speed with a focus on become faster and improving times with quickness, fluidity and control.

You can also use these sessions as a focus to continue improving your running technique by making small changes and ‘tweaking’ certain movements to fine tune the new efficient running style you have achieved.

Speed and Performance sessions are also maintenance sessions used to maintain what you already have, and to learn more strength and activation exercises, DMS exercises, stretch and mobility exercises to continue to enhance your new technique and help prevent injury.

These sessions are a fantastic workout! Motivating, energising and challenging, but still relative to your individual ability and fitness levels.

It is essential to have completed the Running Technique package before attending these sessions so you fully understand the Running School Method, their specialised technique training and specific exercises, and have already successfully improved and changed your running technique!


Personalised Running Programmes

We offer bespoke personalised running programmes for all levels and distances to help you achieve your personal running goals and needs.

No race or challenge is too big or small. Beginner or Pro. Walk or run. All abilities are catered for. It may be learning to run for the very first time! Completing a Park Run non-stop! Going for that 10K PB! Or competing in a Marathon at any level. We all have our own personal running goals and our programmes are designed specifically to help you achieve yours!

We have a variety of packages available based on amount of support you need, the length of your programme and the date of your race or challenge. Simply enquire for more details if it’s something we can help you with and we’ll send you information on all our packages and which ones will be the best for you!


Dynamic Movement Skills Coaching

From the results of your Movement Analysis we can then work on developing your speed, agility, motor skills and dynamic balance to improve your all round quality of movement and also enhance your performance in all activities and Sports.

These sessions include a mixture of balance training and cognitive movement training along with the unique DMS training system to improve and enhance balance, coordination and overall movement. They can be taken in both packages and single sessions, depending on your goal or timeframe for your event. Whatever works best for you!

DMS is a fantastic system for children too. Improving movement and increasing confidence for their sports and out of school activities. Also for the elderly to regain confidence, strength and stability when they move. It is also an essential part of Rehabilitation and is really beneficial for anyone coming back from an injury.


Rehabilitation and Movement Re-Patterning

Everytime we get injured our body creates new movement patterns to compensate resulting in further imbalances throughout the chain. Resting alone will not correct or changes these new movement patterns. The body needs to restore neuromuscular coordination and control along with specific strength and mobility exercises to re-educate the movement patterns altered by injury.

You will be guided through a specific rehabilitation programme using various methods including The Running Schools Rehabilitation and Movement Re-patterning method. Along with this you will be given individual postural correction exercises and mobility and strength exercises both in the Studio and for at home.

Nicky has over 20 years experience, training and knowledge in a wide variety of rehabilitation techniques covering all common running injuries, muscular imbalances and dysfunctions. Using a fusion of all these specialised methods she is able to create an individual Rehabilitation Programme designed specifically for you.


Walking Re-Education

From the findings from your Walking Analysis and Functional Movement Analysis we then compile a Package to improve your individual walking biomechanics and correct your movement dysfunctions.

Your package will include Walking and DMS sessions at the Studio to improve neuromuscular co-ordination and strength and activation exercises to promote correct sequencing for stability and control. It will also include a Walking Homework Programme to follow by yourself outside.

All of our sessions compliment each other and can be combined so you can transition through our different sessions and mix and match to make an individual package for you! Your goals may change as you progress throughout your sessions, your body most certainly will! So we can adapt and tailor your programme to suit you and what you want to achieve session by session!

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